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Bringing Expertise into Early Stage Startups

Find a Suitable Mentor, Advisor or Co-founder

As a complimentary tool to our Founders and Mentors community platform, 12Ronnies provide members with the ability to conduct searches themselves.

How It Works

Step One

Sign up

Complete the sign up form. It's the basis of how people can find and connect with you. You can always change your details in the Profile Section later.

Step Two

Add Ideas

Founders need to add their ideas to IdeasNest so mentors, advisors and co-founders can understand the basic business case for your idea.

Step Three


Founders, begin searching for a suitable mentor or co-founder and share your idea with them.

Mentors and co-founders, check out IdeasNest.

Most startups fail due to lack of sales or expertise.
We tackle both problems at 12Ronnies