FAQ – Founder/Inventor – Mentor Match


A Founder/Inventor is someone looking to launch a business either based on a good idea or innovation. They should be in the pre-launch stage of their startup.

Founder/Inventors benefit by connecting with experienced Mentors who can help guide them away from common mistakes like looking for funding too early and towards proven success factors like seeking market-fit data. Founders/Inventors can also benefit from peer-peer mentoring where they work with a fellow Founder/Inventors to overcome the common problems they face and act as sounding boards.

Founder/Inventors should have the expectation they will connect with someone who can help them launch their business idea. The Mentors are primarily doing this as goodwill, putting something back. However, if the time constraints are beyond light-touch help, advice and support then the parties are free to engage in other models such as paid, equity, etc.

We will be putting in place a mechanism for Founder/Inventors to purchase more of a Mentors time than would be expected from goodwill through a Credits System.

Founder/Inventors can engage with more than one Mentor. In fact it might make sense to do this as some Mentors may have greater experience in some aspects of a launch such as marketing or finance than others that are more generalist. We also encourage peer-peer mentoring between Founder/Inventors.

Mentor Match is about matching Founder/Inventors who are in the pre-launch stage with Mentors who can help them launch. The main role of the Mentor is to steer the Founder/Inventors away from novice mistakes, one of which is looking for funding and investment before having validated a market-fit. Pre-orders is one of the best pieces of validation data. In most cases, investors will not invest in an idea, even if a product has been built until they see market-fit data. We strongly advise Mentors to focus the Founder/Inventors on market-fit and not investment pre-launch. Mentors are here to advise and steer you, not to invest in your ideas, so please don’t ask them.

As the mentee, you have certain responsibilities and a code of conduct. Please see our full Mentee Guidebook on what to expect from your mentoring experience.

Mentee’s Guidebook