FAQ – Mentor Match


Mentor Match is about matching founders who are in the pre-launch stage with mentors who can help them launch. The main role of the mentor is to steer the founder away from novice mistakes, one of which is looking for funding and investment before having validated a market-fit. Pre-orders is one of the best pieces of validation data. In most cases, investors will not invest in an idea, even if a product has been built until they see market-fit data. We strongly advise mentors to focus the founder on market-fit and not investment pre-launch. Mentors are here to advise and steer you, not to invest in your ideas, so please don’t ask them.

In simple terms, nobody owns the IP of an idea until it is protected and registered. If you are worried then consult and IP lawyer. Twelve Ronnies have a recommended solution provider who can help you with IP. Our recommendation is that you only share the business case of your idea in initial conversations. You do not need to share any IP on Mentor Match.

Go to the Apply Now page and choose the tab that aligns closest to your profile; Founder/Inventor or Mentor. If you invest in pre-seed startups or have a product/service that is utilised by people staring a business the please go to our Partners page.

Please get in touch with us via the contact form and we will get it fixed.

Please get in touch with us via the contact form and we will send a reset link.

Go to the sign in page and click “forgot password?’ Enter your email and we will send you a reset instructions.

Currently membership is free. However, we have a credits system that involves paying Mentors for their time on a freemium model.

1. Your ideas might be rough, or you may have draft or ready-to-use concept.

2. The more the idea is developed, the higher chance it will be understood. That’s why we give you the opportunity to gather a team of mentors with diverse expertise.

3. Your idea is yours until you choose to share it. If you want to store it in a secure place for sharing later, please go to www.ideasvault.co.uk. If people want to talk to you about your idea, it’s better in the first place not give away any details of how your idea works. It’s better to talk about what it solves and its business case. If in doubt, speak to a registered IP professional. If you are happy to talk about your idea and what it solves, then this is the best way of getting feedback. You can showcase your ideas for free on www.ideasnests.com.

We are experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record of successfully launching businesses and wish to help less experienced people start businesses.  
You should join Mentor Match if you intend launching a startup and want help from experienced people so that you can increase your chances of a successful launch.

No, we simply provide a matchmaking service to introduce founders to mentors.

No, anywhere in the world is fine. Our current focus is on UK startups but the same principles apply for launching startups globally.
Simon Krystman – linkedin.com/in/simonkrystman, Jake Shaw – linkedin.com/in/jake-shaw-london and Christopher Norris – linkedin.com/in/chris24norris are the ‘Ronnies’ behind the platform.
Once you have been accepted on 12rmentormatch.com, founders can search mentors by expertise, location, category, etc. Mentor Match is a platform where founders/inventors and mentors matchup. The interaction is entirely private between members. We are also trialing peer-peer mentorship, where two founders can connect and agree to mentor and learn from each other as they are at a similar stage.
We are looking for people from all walks of life that aspire to start their own business and need some help from an experienced startup professional or peer who is in the same situation.
You can just have an idea, through to a fully tested and technically defensible product. You can be on your own or be a team with a innovative product. The key is, you must be at the pre-launch stage where you need help with getting your idea to launch. Once your startup has been launched and you have customers and revenue then there are plenty of options for you to help grow your business.