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Matching Founders with Mentors

Building a Launch Team

Why choose us ?

  • Founders/Inventors who need partners with a track record of success
  • Entrepreneur Mentors who can help
  • Investors who want to finance the future

Twelve Ronnies recognises that creating a 'team' is vital to bringing innovation to fruition. The inventor/founder may not have a track record of developing products commercially which will shun investors, but they might have an amazing idea. We have created a way of matching an entrepreneur mentor who has a track record of success with an inventor/founder to make the idea, investment grade. Investors can now feel more comfortable funding innovation with people who know how to grow a business. We bring the team together. Twelve Ronnies removes the reasons you are NOT developing your idea, NOT having a good idea in the first place to utilise your business skills and NOT investing in an exciting innovation.