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One-Man Band vs Teams

Building a business is hard work and requires many different skills to ensure the product/service is innovative, designed properly, well marketed and fully funded. Its unusual for one person to have all these skills and the time to successfully utilise them all. Most business success stories revolve around partnerships where one person is more technical and the other more commercial. Most investors recognise the higher risks associated with ‘One Man Bands’ and hence prefer the team approach. Twelve Ronnies encourages and facilitates the building of the fundamental team: Technical person and Commercial person, making investment more likely.  

What Sort Of Business Partner Suits Me?

Partnerships are fundamentally about chemistry. Do we get on? Can we work together? Are our goals aligned? Etc. Good partnerships embrace both chemistry and skill sets. What one partner is lacking the other possesses. This could be commercial acumen, technical ability, connections or money. Using the our matchmaking service you can search for other founders who have technical knowhow, commercial expertise or investment capital. Often similar fields of expertise or location can be benefical when looking for a business partner. We are not perscriptive in who you choose and leave it open to you finding the partner that suits your unique requirements.