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Mentor Match Profiles

This platform is primarily a matchmaking site for Founder/Inventors to find a Mentor who has a proven track record of launching a business and can share their wisdom and contacts to help launch a startup successfully.  


You have an idea for a business and would like to meet a Mentor who can help you bring your idea to market.


You have a proven track record of successfully launching businesses or being involved with a successful launch and are happy to help inexperienced people who have a good idea or innovation to launch successfully.

Investor – see PARTNERS Page

You invest in pre-seed startups and are looking for opportunities at this very early stage where there is a combination of technical founder and commercial mentor involved in bringing ideas and innovation to market.

Recommended Solution Provider – see PARTNERS Page

Whilest Founders/Inventors and Mentors are the foundation of our matchmaking, we recognise that 3rd parties such as accountants, lawyers, website builders and other provders offer valuable services to the ecosystem. Instead of just providing another network of these to connect to, we are inviting applications to join a very select list of Recommended Solution Providers where the provider has a track record of providing a service that helps startups launch. We are only looking for a single provider per category or sector.